Vinum Celebrationem
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Hunter knife 1
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Temperantia et Iustitia
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Desidiam et Invidia
Hunter knife
Archangel Michael
The nine gate 4
Lizard 3
The nine gate 3
The nine gate 2
The nine gate 1
Hunter 14
Hunter 13
Blade length 140 mm
Total length 265 mm
Blade material Damasteel - Twist
Handle material Walnut root
Description Blade guard is made of carbon Damascus. The knife is deposited in a sheath of cow leather combined with snake skin.
Blade length 100 mm
Total length 230 mm
Blade material Damasteel - Twist
Handle material Damasteel - Twist
Description The knife is a folder, with a backlock. Blade is of hardiness 61,5 HRc. There is a deep carving in the handle depicting head of a demon smoothly changing into an arabesque. The stud is decorated by almandins. Knife is stored in a cassette made of wengé wood.
Gold Gentleman
Blade length 160 mm
Total length 310 mm
Blade material Damasteel - Twist
Handle material mammoth bone
Description Hardiness of the blade is 61,5 HRc. There is 14 karat gold embedded in the knife weighting 40 grams, and australian opals. In the handle of mammoth bone there are deep carvings of women. Knife is deposited in a cartridge made of eben makassar.
Blade length 145 mm
Total length 260 mm
Blade material Damasteel - Rose
Handle material giraffe bone
Description Hardiness of the blade is 61,5 HRc. There are mammoth bones embedded in the forging. Handle itself is made of giraffe bone and decorated using Scrimshaw technique. Knife is held in a cover of beef leather. Surface of the cover is made of raja skin which is combined with mammoth bone.
Spirit of the Forest
Blade length 130 mm
Total length 255 mm
Blade material Damascus Carbon Steel
Handle material Damascus Carbon Steel
Description Integral knife made of carbon damask with hardiness of 59 HRc. In the handle there is a deep carving of forest spirit and embedded malachite. Knife is kept in a stand of eben and malachite.
Alien Vs Predator
Angel and Demon bulino
Gentleman 2
Lizard 2
The Muse
Automat knife
Blackness 2
Navajo 4
Navajo 3
Navajo 2
The lizard knife
Antelope little skinner
African life
Smilodon knife
Bear knife
The Dew
Hunter 12
Hunter 11
Hunter 10
Hunter 9
Hunter 8
Hunter 7
Hunter 6
Hunter 5
Hunter 4
Hunter 3
Hunter 2